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LAAAAAAADIESS ANNNNDDD GENNNELMEN…… LET’S GET READYYYYYYY TO RUMMMMMBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Ok, enough silliness. For the next few sentences anyway… I’ve been using Puppet to mange systems for the last four years (at least!) however a new contract has meant I’ve needed to learn Chef. A few months ago I was looking for a blog post on the […]

This is a subject which has been blogged about at length, however now that I’ve got this working I thought I’d blog about the key things I found here to make sure that not only do I get it right in future but also provide a reference to others who are trying to fix the […]

This post is more of a reference for myself than anything else, however I thought it might come in handy for some others.  It’s bastardised from the which comes with nventory and will configure an Amazon Linux AMI for you. The install script below installs nventory, rubygems and nginx from source and everything else […]

The last two posts in this series have covered what the overall system will look like and how to ensure your puppet server is ready to receive the files from the SCM repo via capistrano – This post will cover setting up the test server using JenkinsCI and creating some tests. We start by installing […]

I’ve been playing around with Capistrano over the past few weeks and I’ve recently created a way to use the power of Capistrano’s “deploy” and “rollback” features with Puppet and MCollective to enable me to have complete control over the deployment of my system configurations.

OK, it’s May the fourth as I’ve started to write this and I couldn’t resist the title, but I hope that this first post in what I aim to deliver as a series of tutorials will help you move towards full testing, integration and deployment of your systems and turn what could be a five […]

Deploying web applications can be a real nightmare at times, especially when you have numerous SVN repositories of code which all link together when installed on the server to create your application. I’ve started using Murder to try and work around the headaches and apart from a very small issue (which I’ll discuss at the […]

After reading the thread in the Devops-Toolchain Google Group (, I realised it was about time I dusted down Cucumber-Vhost and gave it a quick once-over. The main addition tonight is way overdue and is the simple addition of a configuration file.  I chose YAML for the config file because XML is not a human […]

I’ve recently decided to take the plunge and move from Apache and Mod_WSGI to Nginx and FastCGI – I was amazed at how simple it was! To get Edison up and running under NGinx as a fast-cgi Deamon, you just need to do the following:

OK, so a few people heard that I was playing with RabbitMQ and MCollective and hinted (less than subtly I might add!) that a blog post might be in order, so here it is.  If you want someone to blame, look no further than @patrickdebois and @garethr :) The original issue was as follows: I […]

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