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EDIT: @darkflib gave the talk which can be found at Today at DevOps Days London there was an awesome ignite talk and open-space about Burnout. One of the things that came out of the open-space was just how common burnout is in our industry and how isolated people feel when they are going through […]

Twitter has the latest updates on safe-proxy servers for those inside IRAN wishing to get out and publish about the current events. Current list is as follows (19:48 on Monday 15th June 2009): WHOIS reveals that these IP addresses are NOT inside IRAN and therefore are unlikely to be shut down […]

In part one of this series, I outlined LinuxMCE and how amazing it was providing Home Cinema, VoIP Telephony, CCTV and home automation in one system for the price of a download and a few hours work.  This article will help those who, like me, live in rented accomodation or cannot ask their local electrician […]

I’ve been playing around with Home Automation and trying to get my audio/video around the house without honey-combing the walls for the last few years with varying degrees of luck and in this time I’ve looked at a number of solutions including proprietary hardware (too expensive!!), Microsoft Windows Media Centre Edition (expensive and it runs […] has details of a possible “data silo” that contains all of our data. This blog-post is meant to be a list of potential sites that will enable british citizens to escape the police state that we are rapidly becoming by moving their data outside teritorial waters. For those of you who honestly believe “those […]

I just had an idea for the perfect email plug-in for all email clients. It would monitor the number of posts in a thread and, when it reached a given threshold, automatically invoke Godwin’s Law and post to the appropriate list. /me searches for the “Claws development manual”…

Diane Abbott’s 42-days speech The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP’s speech last night was hailed by the Tory who followed her, David Davies, as ‘one of the finest speeches I have heard since being elected to the House of Commons’. David Davies has since resigned over the same issue. Diane Abbott’s speech can be […]

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“Programming is like sex. One mistake and you have to support    it for the rest of your life”. (Michael Sinz)

Well, it had to be done, here is the first post.  Now that you’ve read it, I can get on with adding useful stuff to my blog. Jog on…

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